Bridal/Makeup FAQ’s

How much experience do you have?

I have been experimenting with makeup for many years and would do it for friends and family mostly. But professionally I have been in the industry for about 2 years.

Do you also do hair?

No I do not do hair unfortunately, I only offer makeup services.

Do you only service a certain age group?

Makeup and beauty is for all ages! I definitely service all age groups.

Will you do a trial run with me before my wedding/event?

I do offer trial runs Mon-Thur at $50, please keep in mind a trial run is meant for us to figure out your makeup look for your event date and the makeup is removed at the end. I would recommend for you to schedule another makeup appointment for another event such as photos, bridal shower, etc. if you would like to keep the makeup on to see how it wears on you. You are more than welcomed to bring any accessories such as veil or jewelry to your trial appointment if you wish.

If I want to change my look for the day of my event and want a re-trial, is there another charge for that?

Yes, every trial you have will be $50, if you want to make changes the day of your event that is fine and there is no charge for that just let me know ahead of time.

What kind of prep do I need to do before my appointment?

All I ask is you come with a clean face.

Do I need to show you pictures of the makeup looks I like? Or pictures of my dress, outfit, decor etc?

The more pictures the better! I encourage all my clients to show me all the pictures they can so it helps me visualize what you’re looking for.

Do you speak Spanish?

Although I am not proud of this, unfortunately my Spanish is very bad. For the most part I can understand Spanish, I just can not respond to you in Spanish.

Are you able to work with ethnic skin tones?

I do carry in my kit color correcting skin tone products and a wide range of colors for all skin tones.

Usually how long does a makeup application take?

Makeup application per client takes approximately 45 min to 1 hr

Where do you work? Are you located at a salon?

I do not work nor own a salon, I work out of my home. Meaning my clients will come to my in home studio for their appointments or I will go to them if they need me to and if my schedule for that day allows (weddings/quincenearas/etc.)

Are you available to travel?

I am available for travel, and as stated in my price sheet located in the Makeup Prices page, a traveling fee will be quoted based on the distance of the location. Quotes will be given individually.

Where exactly are you located?

My location is in north Mcallen and I service the Rio Grande Valley region of Texas (but not limited to).

Do you offer trial runs?

I do offer trial runs at a discounted rate, the price for trial runs can be found in the Makeup Application Prices page.

What are your hours of operation?

My cut off time for makeup appointments is at 6pm meaning 5pm is the last hour I will take an appointment. Start times before 8am will have an additional fee which is stated in my price sheet.

Is it better to have a hair appointment before or after my makeup appointment?

I always recommend my clients to have their hair appointment first and then their makeup appointment. It is preferred but of course isn’t necessary so if it can not be worked out this way then don’t worry it’s no problem. Just make sure to tell your hair dresser to be careful with water and heat around your hair line.

What happens if I cancel my makeup appointment? Will I get my money back?

Unfortunately, if there is a cancellation your deposit is non refundable. Although you will get credit for a future appointment that you are able to use for 90 days.

What happens if you are ill or otherwise unavailable to make it to my appointment?

Unfortunately, I do not work with a team of people so all responsibility is on me. Although it is extremely rare this could happen, it is still a possibility. For emergency situations where I am unable to attend your appointment I will give you a full refund of your money.

Do you have any other commitments on my event date?

I do take multiple appointments in a day. So please take time scheduling very seriously so there are no hiccups in your appointment time. The hours you have reserved with me are the hours I will dedicate to you. If you bridal party is large enough, then in some cases your bridal party will be the only party/appointments I take that day.

I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup and I’m concerned with looking completely transformed with makeup with heavy contour and highlighting, are you able to do a more “natural” look?

Your comfort and approval is my biggest concern. This is why I always get my clients to express their desired look by showing me photos and being as descriptive as possible. I also consult with you and get a feel for what kind of makeup you’re used and explain what the difference is with special event makeup during your trial which is why I encourage most brides to have one. My makeup looks are made to last for a long period of time, through different weather conditions, and are tailored for photography standards. If you do not wish for heavy contouring or “transformation makeup” do not worry, I will alter my application to your needs so you can not only look but also feel your best.

How long will my makeup last for?

I have had clients report to me that their makeup has lasted them 24hrs so do not worry about your makeup wearing off.

Are the eyelashes you apply permanent? How do I remove them?

No, the eyelashes I use are not permanent, they are false strip lashes that can be removed once you are ready to wash off your makeup. Most people are able to remove their lashes simply by grabbing a corner and peeling them away from the eyelid. If you are having difficulties removing your lashes then get some eye makeup remover and a q-tip and soak the band for a few second and the glue will loosen up.

What if I provide my own lashes? Will the price still remain the same?

Yes, the difference in price is not related to the cost of the lashes it is related to the service of having them applied.

If I have an eye irritation or a sore right before my makeup appointment, will I still get serviced?

Please notify me before I start applying your makeup to take extra sanitary precautions. If any sore is open and depending on the area or type of sore, then service may be refused and I will give you credit for your next appointment. But if it is able to be worked around then it should be fine, but also make sure you take into consideration your own health and safety.

Will I break out with acne/skin irritation with the products you use?

I have never had a claim about any breakouts after an appointment just remember to never sleep with your makeup on and to always cleanse properly.

Why do you prefer to text or email? Is it ok to set up a phone conversation? 

Due to the amount of inquires I get email/text is the most effective and efficient way for me to communicate.Plus, having everything written down and saved in an email and text is very helpful for me and my clients. But if you would like to speak over the phone you can always set up a phone call meeting with me once you have contacted me by email/text.

How far in advance should I book my makeup appointment?

I tell my clients the sooner the better. The best time to book your appointment is as soon as you have a date and time for your event and have an idea of what your schedule will look like for that day.